Saving myself the need to get angry each and every time, I’ll get it all out in one purge here…

A small selection of the stupidest comments/arguments that I see ALL THE TIME on the internet and today they’re bugging me:

1. No I’m not wrong, I’m giving my opinion.
Your opinion is wrong.
2. I’m not a feminist, I’m an equalist.
You’re an idiot.
3. Way to assume something about me, “occam’s razor” much?
You don’t actually know what that means.
4. You’re just White-Knighting.
You’re just dismissing someone because you personally can’t understand why anyone would show another kindness without the desire to get something back for it.
5. Way to misspell one word!
Way to miss the point.

Ahem, just bit of internet therapy to start my day.

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