ACT Policing’s new underage drinking video is comedy gold.

I write for the RiotACT.
Here is something I wrote for them about a video that might have noble goals, but comes off and a little stupid and sexist.

Here’s the video:

The rant is after the break.

Have you watched the video yet? Do it. I’ll wait. I don’t want to ruin it for you. My original title for this article was going to be ‘Magical fortune telling iPhone app helps Sarah from Belconnen not sleep with a hipster’ but that would be giving it all away. Everything about this clip is amazing. From the attempts at humor that backfire completely to the desperate attempt to be relevant to kids by using iPhones, Facebook and making the guy you don’t want to sleep with a hipster. Kids hate hipsters right? Sarah comes from Belconnen, she’s just like me! I use the internet and don’t like hooking up with with… whoever that guy is! I’ve gone though the embarrassment of having photos of me clawing the eyeballs out of my best friends skull appear on Facebook. These guys really get me, so I’ll never drink again! The only reason I ever drank was due to frustration that the police didn’t understand what I thought was cool. Thank you ACT Policing. Losing Face due to hooking up with a guy who isn’t a supermodel could have ruined my reputation FOR LIFE. I love how each time one of these campaigns targets boys the terrible risk they show is getting beaten up or ending up in an accident, for girls the big danger is getting laid. Oh no, you had sex? Girls must hate sex as much as guys hate having their skulls fractured. Public Service Announcements told me so! Also what is wrong with Sarah’s hookup? He wears glasses? So what? Ok so his facial hair is a bit stupid but so what he’s a teenager! The fact he can grow a moustache that impressive at his age means I’ve got to give him at least a little respect. Hell, I wore eyeliner and black lipstick when I was his age so I really can’t throw stones at anyone. I think he looks like a nice young man, who the hell are you to judge him Sarah from Belconnen? You think you’re better than him? I bet he has never scratched his friends eyeballs out! I’m going to watch it again. Thank you ACT Policing!

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