Meet the Grim Spectre in a Red Dress

From the Wikipedias:

“Burr had a variegated career (he had been the publicity agent for Lola Montez, the former mistress of Ludwig I of Bavaria, and is credited with having written her autobiography. At some point he acquired the title “Reverend,” though scholars do not know how; Jay Hubbell, writing in PMLA, remarks that even his birth and death dates are uncertain.[1] The authors of A general history of the Burr family note that their questionnaire was not returned; they did know, apparently, that he was a well-known lecturer and had published a newspaper in Hoboken, New Jersey, called the Hudson Co. Register.[2] Yaw.”


C. Chauncey Tarpaulin Burr: Strange Detective (and his apprentice, Legrande Lippard) Meet the Grim Spectre in a Red Dress from Seamus Mullen on Vimeo.

More after the thing…

So I posted the trailer for this one month ago. This was our zombie movie shot in a day. It’s been pretty exciting to follow the development of all that crazy footage into a film. Seamus Mullen has done a kick-arse job editing this together, every build he sent us had something new and hilarious added to it.

I’m kinda proud of this, and want to do it every weekend. If someone could make that happen for me, I’d be pretty grateful.

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